Where is God in this?

Where is God in this?

Shifting My Focus

Posted by Laura Diaz on 9/18/23

I would love to own a home.I wish I had the talent of singing beautifully or to play a musical instrument beautifully.Being able to gather with family once a week is something I long for.

For me, sometimes these desires turn into the sin of envy. When I catch ... Read More »

Healing Through Forgiveness

Posted by Laura Diaz on 9/11/23

Today is 9/11. Twenty-two years ago, our nation was deeply wounded. If you are old enough, you remember exactly what you were doing when you found out what was happening. I just shared with Sarahi here in the office what that day was like for me. She was too ... Read More »

Being Holy and Pleasing to God

Posted by Laura Diaz on 8/29/23

My eyes were swollen shut and I had hives – that was how I woke up yesterday morning just before 5 a.m. Hmmm.Look at this verse from this coming Sunday’s Second Reading:

I urge you, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to offer your bodies as a ... Read More »

Persistent Prayers

Posted by Laura Diaz on 8/14/23

My heart is with the people of Maui. Last week I learned there was a fire on the island and that it completely decimated a town. I can’t describe the feeling I had inside.My mom and dad, uncle, cousins, and their families all live on Maui. Are they OK? ... Read More »

Jesus in the Storms

Posted by Laura Diaz on 8/07/23

COVID. Remember?I forgot, which seems unbelievable after two intense years of it.

Several different people in my life tested positive the past few weeks.I was exposed. My head – I was at a loss as to what to do. My feelings – concern, fear, and anxiety. I checked the ... Read More »

Where is Jesus Trying to Take You?

Posted by Laura Diaz on 8/01/23

I have been blessed by time biking through forests, kayaking on lakes, and hiking mountain trails the past two weeks - that's why no blog posts. I see God’s majesty out in these places and profoundly feel His presence.               I think it’s ... Read More »

Inexpressible Groanings

Posted by Laura Diaz on 7/17/23

Going to a movie and visiting a historical site has made my spirit groan and my mind unsettled.Two weeks ago, I went to see the movie The Sound of Freedom. Have you heard about it?

It is based on the true story of how a man was moved ... Read More »


Posted by Laura Diaz on 7/10/23

This past week we got to welcome our new Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Jessica Rude.

Jessica and I were out on the Plaza after all the Masses this past weekend and I watched her meet lots of people who came up to welcome her. I ... Read More »

Surrender Your Life to Jesus

Posted by Laura Diaz on 6/27/23

It is after 3 p.m. on day two of VBS (Vacation Bible School).

Yes, I am tired, but my heart is full. There are 30 children participating and 31 volunteers enabling them to Shine Like Jesus through singing and dancing, playing, crafting, and listening to Bible stories that come alive.

The energy the children bring is infectious.The care the youth and adult volunteers give is a blessing.It is summertime and so far this has been a week of fun spending the first three hours of the day together at VBS – we even get sunshine finally! In this coming Sunday’s Gospel reading, Jesus tells us this: Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it. Matthew ... Read More »

What Should I Be Doing?

Posted by Laura Diaz on 6/20/23

Yesterday was Juneteenth. Our offices were closed, we got the day off. I know the holiday was to celebrate the emancipation of African Americans, but I really didn’t know much else about it. I ended up stumbling on a documentary called The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross this past Saturday ... Read More »


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