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Willingly and Prayerfully

Friday morning I had to go over to the Youth Center and found a volunteer there working on organizing for Get On The Bus.
Spread out around the room were donated backpacks full of donated items in them.

Get On The Bus - The Catholic Community Of Pleasanton
I knew volunteers would be there at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning to prepare to cheerfully welcome families with loved ones that are incarcerated, serve them breakfast, and send them off with the backpacks.

I was moved to tears as I walked back across the parking lot. (The older I get I find I’m moved to tears easily.) I can’t imagine being separated from someone I love because they are incarcerated. What a beautiful ministry Get On The Bus is for those families.

ADLA Store. 2022 Santa Barbara Regional Congress

Saturday was the Santa Barbara Regional Congress, and at it several volunteers from different parishes received an award recognizing all the things they do at their parish to enable others to grow in their faith. Our own Prudiel Libatique was one of the recipients. (Thank you for all you do Prudiel!)

Who We Are - Kairos - Prison Ministry         

At Sunday’s Elementary Faith Formation Sessions, many of your children colored the page of Jesus helping Saint Peter for men who are incarcerated. Our Deacon Brian is helping with a retreat for them and asked for our help with prayers and for you to color.

The one who serves God willingly is heard; his petition reaches the heavens.  Sirach 35:20

The verse from this coming Sunday’s First Reading made me think of these things from the past week.
All who volunteered with Get On The Bus to serve those families with loved ones who are incarcerated; the 400 participants and all the speakers and volunteers for the Regional Congress; and all your children who colored for Deacon Brian to bring Jesus’ love to the men who are incarcerated – you all served God willingly. Please remember to pray, for your prayers reach the heavens!

Prayer for Beginners | Desiring God
Let’s find ways to willingly serve God each day this week, and let’s remember to pray for each other.   

Be blessed through your care for others! 


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