What's In Between Me And Jesus?

Home Goods. Lowe’s. JCPenney. These are three of my favorite stores to shop.

Jumia begins clearance sales to boost new year shopping among Nigerians –  TechEconomy.ng

Today on my way to work I had to get off the freeway to get gas. (A bad habit I have of not paying attention to my gas gauge!) As it was pumping, I moved a bit into shade to wait. A car came into view that was completely full of stuff, all except the driver’s seat. I could make out a pillow, a lamp, clothes, an umbrella, magazines. I wondered if the person was moving or homeless. I also wondered if I have too much stuff.

Full of Eyes » Luke 14:33

In the same way, anyone of you who does not renounce all their possessions cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:33

This is the last thing Jesus says in this coming Sunday’s Gospel reading. It made me wonder again, do I have too much stuff? But this question takes on a different meaning after reading the Gospel. Are there things in my life that get in between me and Jesus? I humbly admit, yes, there are. Those are the things Jesus’ words in the Gospel reading are challenging me to let go.

I am inspired to choose one to focus on letting go this week and Sunday reflecting on how that affected me.

I need some accountability, so I’m writing to all of you…I am not going to turn my TV on for the rest of the week. (Lord, help me be a better disciple.)

No TV November — Ashley J. Smith, PhD


         Blessings of simplifying to you this week!