Wait, what?!

It's Easter Sunday! Jesus has risen from the dead! 

Wait, what? Jesus was killed on the cross, was buried in a tomb - dead. On Easter Sunday morning His disciples went to the tomb to pray and visit their beloved dead like I go to the cemetery to pray and visit my beloved dead. The huge stone that closed the tomb was moved and Jesus' body was gone. Take a minute to imagine that.

Jesus has risen from the dead. At dawn that first Easter morning His disciples found the tomb empty. An angel told the women that Jesus wasn't there, that He had risen as He said He would. Then Jesus appears to them, standing there in front of them and speaks to them - alive. Since then thousands of people have believed and have given their life for that belief. Today people still die for their belief that Jesus is the Son of God, risen from the dead out of love for us.

It is a huge miracle, the biggest miracle of all and I believe. My faith in Jesus and my relationship with Him transforms me. It brings new life. I am honored to celebrate that today! My apartment is decorated. My home altar is ready for Livestreaming Easter Sunday Mass with a candle, bowl of water to remember my Baptism and a cross that says "He is Risen" on it. I taped signs on my windows that say "Happy Easter!" and "Joy!" and "Alleluia!" Here's the song of my heart today - click to hear it! Easter blessings of new life to you - wait what?! Yes! Easter blessings even during the COVID-19 pandemic!