Seeing Easter Joy

After a busy Easter weekend of computer work I decided to “have a day off” yesterday. No computer or phone. I needed to feel somewhat normal so I decided to take a drive. To me it feels good getting in my car and driving, no mask or gloves, just me and the open road with some good music. I took back roads out to Lancaster, no freeway.

I passed through beautiful canyons and valleys all green from the recent rains. Even the desert was a bit green. Once I was in Palmdale I headed North West into Lancaster. In the distance in front of me I began to see it, the color of brilliant orange. As I got closer, I could not help but keep repeating “Wow!” over and over. I hoped there wouldn’t be tons of people so I would be able to stop and get out of my car. There weren’t. Soon I was surrounded by the brilliant, beautiful orange – California poppies in full bloom! The California Poppy Preserve is of course closed, but it didn't matter. On one side of the road was a massive blanket of them. On the other was rolling green hills with smaller blankets of them with yellow and purple wild flowers mixed in. The sky was blue with a few floating puffs of clouds going by. It was spectacular! The earth was literally singing “Alleluia!”

California Poppies 2020 Carpet of Poppies 2020 
Today I’m back in the world COVID-19 has created. From my apartment I see people in masks and gloves. The news once again is saying that this is going to be the peak week for Southern California so there will be a rise in deaths. The Stay at Home Order has been extended through mid-May.
This morning I asked Jesus to remind me where the Easter joy is today, I couldn’t see it.

“The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.” Psalm 33:5

Through today's Responsorial Psalm Jesus reminded me – I saw the Easter joy yesterday! He was there in those brilliant poppies. As I write to you now I see hundreds of butterflies going past my balcony on their annual migration to Oregon – joy! Where are you seeing Him today?
Let’s keep looking!