Jedi = Disciple

Remastered Editions of Star Wars Prequel and Original Trilogies Coming May  the Fourth - Coffee With Kenobi

May the force be with you!

Yes, during my ten days of COVID quarantine I watched all of the Star Wars movies in order. To really experience the flow of the story was pretty cool.

For me COVID really affected my head. I had a weird bad headache for days. I would try to work on my computer or read and it just hurt my head. But movie watching didn’t.

My regular Morning Prayer wasn’t happening. I couldn’t go to Mass for two Sundays or on Thanksgiving. I felt guilty that I wasn’t keeping close to God.

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple - Wikipedia

I was amazed by how God kept close to me through Star Wars movies. The force is always around us, trust the force. God is always around us, trust God. Stay disciplined in growing in the force. Stay disciplined in growing in your relationship with God. Don’t fear death for in death I am with you always. Don’t fear death for we will be with God eternally.

I want to be a Jedi, or a disciple. I want to train better.

Produce good fruit as evidence of your repentance. Matthew 3:8

Discipleship Training — Grace Pointe Church of the Nazarene

This coming weekend is the Second Sunday in Advent.
John the Baptist says not only to repent of our mistakes, but to produce good fruit in our lives.

There’s the training goal for this week.


Advent blessings to you!