I Wonder...

Happy Wednesday!

Have you ever had times when you doubted there is a God? How about times when you struggled with your Catholic faith?

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In this coming Sunday’s Gospel reading the apostles, the ones who were literally with Jesus 24/7 asked Him if He would increase their faith.
Wow. I would think that if I were literally able to sit with Jesus, listen to all He taught about God and His love, see the miracles, and talk with Him I’d have very strong faith.

What was the job description of Jesus' apostles? - Marg Mowczko

The apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith.” Luke 17:5

It’s nice to know that even the apostles asked Jesus for deeper faith, even though Jesus was right there in their midst. It makes me feel OK about the moments I have of struggling in faith. And it makes me turn to Jesus too and simply ask, “Lord, please increase my faith.”

Pray: “Lord, increase my faith” – Life in Christ Ministries Teachings

Let’s follow the apostle’s lead this week and ask Jesus to increase our faith right when we wake up in the morning. I wonder if the faith we have will explode…

Blessings to you!