I Heard It

I’m sitting to write this to you after Sunday Elementary Faith Formation Sessions.
What a blessing Sunday Sessions have been after the COVID-19 shut down.

Each and every one of you is a blessing! To me, to your family |  Valentine's day quotes, A blessing, Blessed Seeing all of you, getting to know your family a bit, and growing in faith together – yes, blessings!

There were a couple of glitches yesterday that required me to walk back and forth from my office to the Youth Center.
As I walked from my office past the open doors of the West Hall, Rooms 5 and 6, and Room 7 during Sessions, hearing children laughing or answering questions made me smile.

Then I could recognize each Catechist’s voice, strong and clear as they were leading their Group.

Jesus said: “My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

Sheep dip - has the wool been pulled over our eyes? - Groundsure

In this coming Sunday’s Gospel reading, Jesus is telling us that we know His voice when we hear it. I heard it in the Catechist's voices yesterday, without a doubt. I heard it in the voices of children excitedly hollering out answers to questions in Sister Claire's Group. (I’m guessing it was children versus parents!)
I heard it in the young lady who shared a bit of the story of her mother’s difficult life and recent death.
I heard it in the voice of a friend who dropped off homemade orange juice and beef stroganoff for me.

What Does it Mean That Jesus Is Our Shepherd Today?

You are a follower of Jesus. Where do you hear His voice?
May hearing His voice this week bring you blessings!