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How Does Jesus Feed You?

Staycation, not something I recall doing before. I had a week off and stayed home. I went to the beach with friends one day and went to the beach with more friends another day. I did early morning bike rides on PCH three days with no worries of getting back home in time for…

My son Jordan took this picture at Zuma Beach yesterday 8/13/12 | Beach  pictures, Beach photos, Secluded beach

My Morning or Evening Prayer was over an hour, again with no worries of rushing because I must get to…

I cooked yummy meals, did a couple of swim workouts, and even went to the movies.

That great week was followed by a week in the Easter Sierras, one of my favorite places on Earth. I hiked the high country, seeing God’s majesty in the vistas of high peaks, deep blue skies with huge, puffy clouds, and lakes that looked like giant mirrors.

Hiking to Gaylor Lakes in Yosemite National Park [Short Hike Yosemite]

My spirit was bursting with the joy of God these past two weeks.

I thanked God for such blessings as I did an early morning bike ride yesterday, when it feels like the world seems connected to Heaven before all the busyness of the day separates us again. The thought came of “My spirit has been fed, thank you Lord.”

I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever… John 6:51

Jesus is Bread For a Hungry World | Genesis Bible Fellowship Church

In this coming Sunday’s Gospel Reading, Jesus continues telling us that He is the Bread of Life. We receive Him in Holy Communion at every Mass we go to. The great Paschal Mystery – Jesus offers Himself completely to us, so that we can literally consume Him in the Eucharist. I believe. I go to Mass and receive Communion. I’m also glad the Church calls this a mystery because it’s challenging to fully understand.

Having the time to spend in unrushed prayer, spending time with friends, and hiking in the majestic Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, these things feed my spirit with the presence and joy of God. I need to just imagine how much more Jesus, the Bread of Life, literally feeds my spirit!

How does Jesus feed you?


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