Forgive Me For My Part

“So-in-so is an idiot!”

“That teacher doesn’t know what they are doing and should be fired!”

“I hate so-in-so!”

“They should just drop a bomb on them all!”

Anger Management – AAC Counseling

Have you had thoughts like these or said things like this?
I have.

Palm Sunday - Federated Church Of Wauconda
This Sunday we begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday. The Mass begins outside with a Gospel reading describing total joy as Jesus enters Jerusalem. We joyfully wave palms.

Word: Crucifixion (Crucify Him!) — Jim LePage Art & Design

Pilate said to them,
"Then what shall I do with Jesus called Christ?"
They all said, 
"Let him be crucified!” 
Matthew 27:22


Then the Gospel reading ends with us saying, “Let him be crucified!” This makes me think of all the bad thoughts I’ve had and bad things I’ve said. I believe Jesus is in every person, so my bad thoughts and words hurt Him.

I will humbly and with sorrow say those words as we read through the Gospel Sunday, and will quietly in my heart ask Jesus to forgive me for my part in crucifying Him.

Beginning Sunday, these Holy Days ahead can bring us Jesus’ incredible mercy and love. Let’s journey with Him by coming to the Liturgies with open minds and hearts.
Blessings of humility! 

Holy Week 2023 — St. Luke's Episcopal Church