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“We have over a couple hundred youth registered for Faith Formation and only 3 adult volunteers.”

“Our parish has the same small group of people volunteering to care for all our ministries.”

“Only 2 percent of our parishioners are giving each week, barely supporting the entire parish.”

Volunteer Opportunities - First United Methodist Church

These are some challenges facing our Catholic churches that I hear at different Archdiocesan meetings.
For the past couple of Sundays, the Second Reading has been from the book of James, and it is this coming Sunday as well.

James 2:14-26: Faith Without Works Is Dead (Part 1)



So also faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead. James 2:17



I am challenged by this reading to reflect on my faith – am I living it as Jesus asks me to, or is it dead?
In this coming Sunday’s Gospel Jesus asks,




“But who do you say that I am?” Mark 8:29



Out of faith, I say Jesus, You are the Son of God! And out of faith I want to do good works! I want to care for those in need when I can. I want to help at my church so that others can grow in faith too. And out of gratitude for my blessings and commitment to Jesus and His Church I want to keep my commitment to give a donation every week.

Imagine if we all had faith that moved us to do good works for our parish….I would love to share at a meeting,

“At Saint Peter Claver we have a couple hundred families registered for Faith Formation and another hundred adults signed up to help!”

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