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Be Blessed Through Prayer

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Sunday we had Elementary Faith Formation Sessions, so I got to see families and Catechists – feels like it’s been a while so it was great!
We had RCIA so I also got to see the Catechist who was presenting – we unsuccessfully got his cell phone connected to the monitor for a video, but I hope it was a great discussion for you all.

I got hit with a sinus infection last week and was down on the couch Friday and Saturday trying to rest.
So of course I had lots of time to think…and watch movies.

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I watched I Can Only Imagine, which is inspired by the life story of Bart Millard who is the lead singer for the Christian band MercyMe.
I also watched Father Stu, which is inspired by the life story of Father Stuart Long.
Both movies really moved me – to tears, which isn’t helpful with a sinus infection!

Prayer to St. Jude - The Parton Saint of Desperate Situations

Prayer, sincere, real, raw, honest conversation with God.
That’s what struck me this time around watching those movies.
Both of those men have inspiring stories of redemption, faith, and have enabled many to know God’s love.
They both turned to God in prayer.

Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed. Mark 1:35

In this coming Sunday’s Gospel Reading Jesus turns to God in prayer.
He spent the day before teaching, then healing, and He had a day ahead of going to a different town to do the same again.
But first, Jesus was up before dawn to pray, to have sincere, real, raw, honest conversation with God.

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Jesus, Father Stu, Bart Millard, me, you…we all need to be real, lean on, and be lead by God through time in prayer.    

Be blessed through prayer!


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