Are You Ready?

60 Confirmation, Year One high schoolers, me, and Deacon Melecio.
That’s how I spent Sunday evening.

Teen Group Therapy | Group Therapy for Teenagers in Jenkintown, PA60 high schoolers bring a lot of energy, energy that I love being around. Some are loud and others are quiet. Some are very animated and others sit and hardly move. Some seem addicted to their smartphones and others either don’t have one with them or put theirs face down on the table and never pick it up.

“I wonder if Jesus…” was how we started.

“One thing we are going to do to prepare and repent during Advent is…” was how we ended.

The word Advent means coming. We are preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas, yes, but even more we are preparing for His coming again.

Fruits Of The Holy Spirit - Joy - Pursuing Intimacy With God






They will bloom with abundant flowers,
and rejoice with joyful song.
Isaiah 35:2

This Sunday will be the Third Sunday of Advent, Joyful Sunday.
In the First Reading the prophet Isaiah describes the beauty and joy that will come when Christ comes. Life will bloom and grow, and the air will literally be full of joy!

The teens last night had interesting thoughts on Jesus; what was He like, what did He feel, and what they imagine Him to look like.

The teens had great ideas of things they will do to prepare themselves and repent – turn from what they are doing to do good. 

Jesus told us that He would come again. Are you ready?  

Sermon Series - Jesus Is Coming — Cornerstone Church Long Beach

Advent blessings to you!