May 2023 archive of Where is God in this?

May 2023 archive of Where is God in this?

Experience God's Presence

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/31/23

Happy Wednesday Saint Peter Claver family!This is a moment when my computer is working – yay! I didn’t realize just how much I need my computer…basically for everything. Please be patient if you are emailing us. Both our computers have not been working much this week.


This past Saturday 33 youth and 12 adults were Confirmed. The church was filled with the Holy ... Read More »

Recognizing the Gifts

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/23/23

This past Sunday we had our last Confirmation, Year One and Confirmation, Year Two Sessions.Saturday is the Confirmation Mass for 32 youth and 12 adults.Two weeks ago, we had our First Communion Masses which ended the Elementary Faith Formation Sessions. As this season of Faith Formation comes to an ... Read More »

Live Life!

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/16/23

I heard a line in a TV show I was watching Monday where one person said to another, “Life is meant to be lived.”

Hearing it felt like a message to me from God.I heard, “Laura, life is meant to be lived!”Too many times I think things like, ... Read More »

Profoundly Loved And...

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/08/23

We have begun the Fifth Week of the Easter Season. This past Saturday and Sunday just about 60 kids received their First Holy Communion. It was beautiful to witness them as they came into the church with their families.   Fr. Mike and Fr. Riz mentioned in their homilies ... Read More »

Built Into A Spiritual House

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/01/23

Today is the first day of May.

It is the feast day of Saint Joseph the Worker. That is the name of the parish where I grew up.

I was Baptized there, celebrated my first Reconciliation, my first Holy Communion, and my Confirmation there. My relationship with Jesus ... Read More »


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