December 2023 archive of Where is God in this?

December 2023 archive of Where is God in this?

Nothing Is Impossible

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/17/23

Get the lights up outside. Get the Christmas Tree up and decorated. Decorate the rest of the place. Write, address, and mail the Christmas Cards. Go out and buy all the Christmas gifts for family and friends, then wrap them.Go to all the Christmas gatherings and parties and enjoy ... Read More »

Be Blessed by Joyful Waiting

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/10/23

When was the last time you excitedly waited for something? When you felt like a kid again waiting for Christmas?I grew up in a house with a fireplace. I loved it. I always wanted to help my Dad crumple up newspaper and shove it in before he put the ... Read More »

It's Human to Ask for Help and to Give Help

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/03/23

Happy Monday SPC Family!I got to see many of you yesterday at our Elementary Faith Formation Sessions – that makes me happy.Family. I don’t write “Happy Monday SPC Family” lightly. It means something. I care for you. I hope for you. I pray for you daily. I want ... Read More »


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