2023 archive of Where is God in this?

2023 archive of Where is God in this?

It's Human to Ask for Help and to Give Help

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/03/23

Happy Monday SPC Family!I got to see many of you yesterday at our Elementary Faith Formation Sessions – that makes me happy.Family. I don’t write “Happy Monday SPC Family” lightly. It means something. I care for you. I hope for you. I pray for you daily. I want ... Read More »

The Unexpected Will Happen...Are You Ready?

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/26/23

These are the last days of the Liturgical Year, which guides us through the Scripture stories of God’s redemptive love coming to us in Jesus.

This coming Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent – the Liturgical New Year begins. We prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas.How many ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Blessings and ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/21/23

It’s the week of Thanksgiving…already.Each morning right when I wake up, I make the Sign of the Cross saying, “Thank you God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for all my blessings.”  Then I lay there for a minute and specifically thank God for the blessings from ... Read More »

Our Grief Is Lit By Hope

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/06/23

“Hi Baby!” That is how my friend Thelma would greet me. I could hear her love and care for me. She called me her fourth daughter. She died this past April.

This past weekend I was one of the adult chaperones on the Confirmation, Year Two retreat.Several of the ... Read More »

Be Humbly Transformed

Posted by Laura Diaz on 10/31/23

Boo!It’s Halloween…the holy eve of All Saints Day. I drove into work this morning and saw a group of our Preschool & Kindergarten children dressed in costumes going to Trick or Treat at the Parish Office. So cute! Sunday, we had our Trunk or Treat where more cuties came ... Read More »

Let The Son Shine Through

Posted by Laura Diaz on 10/22/23

Did you move here from somewhere there are clearly different seasons, including a fall where bright colors of yellow, orange, and red fill the trees? I am from here where fall isn’t a big deal.

A few years back I discovered that the season of fall is spectacular ... Read More »

Thankful For and Praying For You

Posted by Laura Diaz on 10/16/23

At 1:30 p.m. yesterday I got into my car and let out a joyful, loud “Wooooo hooooo!”Three rounds of Sunday Elementary Faith Formation Sessions had happened, and I was filled with joy. I love the Catechists I get to serve with. I love seeing your families, sharing warm ... Read More »

Winning Bigger Than The Lottery!

Posted by Laura Diaz on 10/09/23

“Laura, how did you do all the work you did last year?”I have been asked that question a lot the past few weeks. I’m even asking myself that question. I was working alone for most of last year taking care of both Faith Formation and Youth Ministry. My Sundays ... Read More »

How Do I Quiet the Stress?

Posted by Laura Diaz on 10/02/23

I woke up thinking I must have been sleeping for a long time, it must be nearly dawn. Nope. It’s 1:13 a.m.

Wow! What a vivid dream that went on and on. For sure it must be almost time to get up. Nope. It’s 1:44 a.m. now. I am ... Read More »

Humbly Caring for Others

Posted by Laura Diaz on 9/25/23

While humming she works to cook food for the local center for people who are homeless, food to feed about a hundred people. She carefully loads her car with the food, at the center unloads it, and with a smile on her face serves it.

We laughed as she ... Read More »


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