February 2022 archive of Where is God in this?

February 2022 archive of Where is God in this?

Your Fruit = Your Truth

Posted by Laura Diaz on 2/22/22

There is a lady who suffered horrific abuse as a child at the hands of her father. As a teenager she loaded up her younger brothers in a car and drove across the United States to save them all. She put herself through college while working so that she ... Read More »


Posted by Laura Diaz on 2/14/22

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! The calendar in my kitchen at home says that if one moment is spent on love, then the day is not wasted. At first I thought, “OK. I’ve read better quotes on love.” I am one of those people that is constantly reading everything ... Read More »

Be a Blessing of Mercy

Posted by Laura Diaz on 2/07/22

Last week on one of the nights I worked late, I came home, plopped my backpack and coat on the floor, made a cup of tea, and turned the TV on. I love watching and learning from documentaries on PBS. One had just begun. I could tell they were ... Read More »

Right Where You Are

Posted by Laura Diaz on 1/31/22

The past two years I have not been able to get together with close friends because we are all trying to stay safe during this pandemic. Our “bubbles” of who we interact with are small. Well, this past Saturday I had a 6 hour, in-person planning meeting with a ... Read More »


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