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Jesus' Last Words Before Ascending

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/23/22

It seems to be a human condition to want to know what is going to happen, don’t you think?We are rarely in the moment. Is that because we are control freaks? Or because we don’t trust? This coming Sunday we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven. In the ... Read More »

Jesus + Holy Spirit = Joy

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/16/22

Happy Fifth Week of Easter! Last week a person who is suffering the possibility of a cancer diagnosis joyfully helped for hours with all the prep for the weekend’s retreats and Confirmation celebration.This past Sunday a person who just lost her husband came to help with the First Reconciliation ... Read More »

Talking Jesus

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/09/22

It is amazing how fast and far news spreads in this day and age, isn’t it? With a few letters typed from your fingertips to form a text, then hit send – it’s out. Words or an image posted on social media – it’s out. Can you imagine if ... Read More »

I Heard It

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/02/22

I’m sitting to write this to you after Sunday Elementary Faith Formation Sessions. What a blessing Sunday Sessions have been after the COVID-19 shut down. Seeing all of you, getting to know your family a bit, and growing in faith together – yes, blessings! There were a couple of ... Read More »

Resurrection Stories

Posted by Laura Diaz on 4/25/22

Happy Second Week of Easter Saint Peter Claver Family! I’m back after a week off…what a blessing, both to be off and to be back.Time with family in beautiful Morro Bay brought a bit of resurrection to my spirit. Going kayaking and hiking with an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old ... Read More »

We Are There!

Posted by Laura Diaz on 4/12/22

“Are we there yet?!” How many times do you hear that from your kids? For some reason I was asking, “Are we there yet?!” during these days of Lent. Palm Sunday, we began Holy Week – we made it! I love these holy days. I am a tactile person ... Read More »

Camino ~ Walk With Jesus

Posted by Laura Diaz on 4/04/22

This past Saturday I walked with around 2000 fellow Catholics from the San Gabriel Mission to our Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles – 10.5-mile Camino walk with Jesus. Look at this huge line of people walking! Our Elementary Faith Formation Catechists Sister Claire, Sister Hannah, Sister Melissa, and Molly ... Read More »

God Urges Us to Move Forward

Posted by Laura Diaz on 3/29/22

It is a beautiful Spring morning as I sit and write to you. I’m having a blessed moment of a peaceful mind, a heart full of love, and joyful thoughts. This past Saturday evening I went to a MercyMe concert, my favorite Christian band. At one point the lead ... Read More »

Seeing Others as God Sees Them

Posted by Laura Diaz on 3/22/22

This past weekend I participated in the Religious Education Congress at the Anaheim Convention Center with a few of our Catechists. I went to three workshops that were about trauma, something I learned that half the people in any given group are experiencing. How are we as the Catholic ... Read More »

Complaining or Gratitude?

Posted by Laura Diaz on 3/14/22

I just read through this coming Sunday’s Mass readings and prayed, asking Jesus to speak to me through them. He did.   Do not grumble as some of them did… 1 Corinthians 10:10   This verse from the Second Reading is Saint Paul reminding us not to “grumble” or complain ... Read More »