September 2021 archive of Where is God in this?

September 2021 archive of Where is God in this?

Brothers and Sisters

Posted by Laura Diaz on 9/27/21

Yesterday I got to do something that I haven’t done in 5 years…well, part of something. I participated in the Malibu Olympic Distance Triathlon as part of a relay team. I did the 25-mile bike portion along PCH. It was awesome! I arrived at Zuma Beach at 5:30 a.m. ... Read More »


Posted by Laura Diaz on 9/20/21

Money, money, money.

Do you have feelings attached to money? I do. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been afraid of money. I worry I don’t have enough to pay my bills and that I’ll be homeless. I feel guilty when I spend any money ... Read More »

Wisdom From Above

Posted by Laura Diaz on 9/14/21

Isn’t this such a busy time of year? Children are back to school. Many families started back playing sports – adults and children. We’re trying to figure out our routines in our homes.

Here in Faith Formation there is a lot of transition, so I too am trying ... Read More »

Faith and Works

Posted by Laura Diaz on 9/07/21

“We have over a couple hundred youth registered for Faith Formation and only 3 adult volunteers.” “Our parish has the same small group of people volunteering to care for all our ministries.” “Only 2 percent of our parishioners are giving each week, barely supporting the entire parish.” These are ... Read More »


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