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Me, A Stranger And Pancakes

Posted by Laura Diaz on 8/23/21

A couple of weeks ago I met a woman who was incredibly friendly to me at a breakfast I went to. I am an introvert by nature, so it isn’t easy for me to sit at a table to share a meal with people I’ve never met. I made ... Read More »

Who Do You Serve?

Posted by Laura Diaz on 8/16/21

After sitting and reading this coming Sunday’s Mass Readings to begin praying and asking the Holy Spirit to tell me what to write to you, I’m struck right away by a quote in the First Reading:

Joshua addressed all the people: “If it does not please you to serve ... Read More »

How Does Jesus Feed You?

Posted by Laura Diaz on 8/02/21

Staycation, not something I recall doing before. I had a week off and stayed home. I went to the beach with friends one day and went to the beach with more friends another day. I did early morning bike rides on PCH three days with no worries of getting ... Read More »