2021 archive of Where is God in this?

2021 archive of Where is God in this?

Be Blessings of the True Light

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/20/21

It was so great to see you Elementary Faith Formation Catechists and families yesterday! I hope we are supporting you in growing in your faith as much as you inspire me in growing in mine.

The mama I saw who is due in a month walking hand in hand ... Read More »

Believe and Light the World with Kind Thoughts

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/13/21

These past two weeks of Advent as we are focusing on kindness, I think I’m doing OK with kind words and random acts of kindness. This coming week is the challenge for me…kind thoughts. My head is full of unkind thoughts about myself.

The thoughts about myself that ... Read More »

Coloring the World with Advent Joy

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/07/21

Last week I was running errands with a friend and one of those errands took us to Michael’s. On our way in there was a lady with a full cart of purchases trying to get out the door, but the cart had one of those poles on it so ... Read More »

Ringing Out with Kind Words

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/30/21

I listen to a Christian radio station as I drive to and from work. For the month of November, they challenged people to do acts of kindness that lifted people up. I listened as people called in to share their stories. In trying to bless others with kindness, they ... Read More »

Welcome, Kindness & Accompaniment

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/22/21

An amazing story: In March of 2020 we were all told to stay home from school, work, and church. Mass as we know it stopped. We needed to get on Facebook or YouTube to be able to livestream Mass. This became our new reality. A young lady and her ... Read More »

The Truth

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/15/21

My heart has been heavy. A few weeks ago, from my apartment I heard the terribly loud noise of a car crashing into a parked car, then speeding off.

Last week I had to slam on my breaks to keep from getting hit by a driver that sped through ... Read More »

Wisdom + Justice = Shining!

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/09/21

When the Holy Spirit lead me here to St. Peter Claver parish to serve all of you, I met a beautiful person named Sherry Clements. I only got to know her for about two and a half years, but what an impact she and her husband, Deacon Brian have ... Read More »

Giving Out of Love

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/01/21

Yesterday we had a very fun Trunk Or Treat here at SPC. We were overflowing with candies that our parishioners donated, and those candies put such big smiles on children’s faces.

After the clean up I went home and sat down for a few minutes, then headed to ... Read More »

Out of Love for God and Our Neighbor

Posted by Laura Diaz on 10/25/21

Our Elementary Faith Formation Sessions began yesterday, and it was so very great to see so many families in person! I hope you all know what blessings you are to us and to each other in this parish community. These are tough times, and we need each other’s smiles, ... Read More »


Posted by Laura Diaz on 10/19/21

As I sit here and pray, asking Jesus what to write to you this week, the word courage keeps coming to my mind. I am a person who battles fear every day.

This past year of living during the pandemic and the volatile political climate of our country ... Read More »


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