2020 archive of Where is God in this?

2020 archive of Where is God in this?

Like Falling in Love or Having a Favorite Toy!

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/19/20

Can you imagine?! You are in your early teens and the Archangel Gabriel appears to you, letting you know that through the Holy Spirit you are going to give birth to the Son of God! Really, just imagine!

This Gospel story is amazing when you close your eyes ... Read More »

Joyfully Shine!

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/12/20

A Christmas story I remember from childhood is called, "The Littlest Angel". Each year as I unpack my Christmas decorations I come across my collection of children's Christmas books. Some are from my childhood. One of the books that is lovingly worn is my childhood book, "The Littlest Angel". ... Read More »

Stories Do Come True and Crayons Can Bring Peace!

Posted by Laura Diaz on 12/05/20

How amazing is it when a story comes true! Can you think of a time in your life when a story came true? I grew up with stories like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. (I may be aging myself here!) ... Read More »

What Does a Jingle Bell Have to Do with the 1st Sunday of Advent?

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/28/20

The 1st Sunday of Advent is here! We celebrate the beginning of a new Liturgical Season, telling the stories of our redemption through Jesus Christ! We begin our preparation for the coming of Jesus at Christmastime! The word "Advent" literally means "coming". Jesus came to us in the past, He ... Read More »

Advent Comes to the Domestic Church Through Stories

Posted by Laura Diaz on 11/22/20

I am a person who loves stories. I like "talkin story" as they say in Hawaii. I used to love hearing my grandparents tell us stories about how life was when they were young and the stories of my family. As a child I loved hearing Bible stories from ... Read More »

It's Time to Let God Out of the Box

Posted by Laura Diaz on 7/28/20

I think we have put God in a box.  

Mass is live-streamed or is a shortened and out of the normal order Mass outside. Faith Formation for children and adults at the parish has stopped. Emails and Zoom sessions have taken the place of in-person sessions. Our Parish Office, ... Read More »

How Does a Blind Person See an Elephant?

Posted by Laura Diaz on 6/27/20

Have you ever thought about how a blind person sees an elephant? In one of the books I'm reading the author asked that question. I thought about how I've seen blind people look at a person's face or at an object. I've seen them use their fingers to see. ... Read More »

I Am Looking for Something

Posted by Laura Diaz on 6/06/20

On March 16th schools were closed, all public places were closed and I was told to work from home. The news of the COVID-19 pandemic was frightening. Thousands of people were contracting the virus daily and thousands were dying, worldwide. Then 71 days of living under the isolation, anxiety ... Read More »

I Hit The Wall

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/19/20

I buzzed my hair off. I allowed candy back into my home - chocolates of course. My fish got names like Jeffrey (may he rest in peace), Harry and Eleanor. And I've learned to look nice from the waist up for Zoom meetings. (Living alone through this is tough, ... Read More »

A Word

Posted by Laura Diaz on 5/05/20

As I was out on my morning walk today a word kept floating into my mind. I am a person who loves words. When people ask me what my favorite book is I like to say two, the Bible and the Dictionary. (It's true!) The word that kept floating ... Read More »


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