Pastor's Corner

Blessings of Easter to you all!

May the Risen Lord who conquered death and given us new life be the source of our hope as we continue to struggle from this coronavirus pandemic. I believe as many of you do that God has allowed this pandemic crisis to happen so we may experience the glory of God being manifest in many varied ways.

The truth of Easter, that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead gives the assurance that the Lord has already won the victory for us. Death has no longer power over us because Jesus destroyed death and restored life! Jesus is alive and is with us, and loving us, guarding us and protecting us. He only wishes the best life for us. 

You and I have seen the devastation of the coronavirus to the lives of so many people, and the tremendous stress that it imposed on all physically, emotionally, medically, economically and even spiritually. For sure, this evil of the coronavirus pandemic is not the will of God for us, never! Even though God has allowed this evil, He has a way to bring good out of it.

Out of this Covid-19 pandemic I have seen many people doing act of kindness to those who have been affected by this crisis. I am proud to see a lot of our health caregivers, emergency responders, firefighters, peace officers, and those men and women who are risking their health to provide essential services in this time of need. I applaud them for their courage and to show their love and compassion especially for those infected by the coronavirus. 

The message of Easter Joy is clear to me. God is telling me that you and I are very especial and precious to Him; that He is willing to become one like us, to suffer, to die for our sake for the forgiveness of our sins, and on the third day, to rise from the dead that we may have the newness of life in us! At the end of the tunnel there is light ever so bright to lead us on through our journey in life. That too will happen to all of us who believe when the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic finally ends. We too will rise from this life-changing experience renewed in the faith and full of hope in the Resurrection of Christ!


Fr. Riz