Message from Fr. Riz

My dear Parishioners,

First of all I would like to express my grattitude to all of who have offered prayers for my healing and recovery after I had my Appendictomy surgery last Friday, February 12th. I was realeased from the Adventist Hospital in Simi Valley last Monday, 15th of Febraury and I have been feeling better and stronger each day. So, thank you for all the spiritual support and the love that was shown to me!

I have here a letter of encouragement from the Bishops of California asking us to really take advantage of getting Covid Vaccine for us and for our family members.

Vaccinate to Protect Health of Yourself and Your Community

In partnership with the Catholic health systems and Catholic Charities throughout the Golden State, the Catholic Bishops of California urge all Californians to receive a vaccination to prevent the continued spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than two million people worldwide.

As the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has said, the vaccines now available and offered (Pfizer and Moderna) and those currently in the testing approval/process (AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson) are morally permissible and can be used in good conscience.

Beyond simply protecting their own health and safety, Catholics also have an obligation to protect their family, friends, and community by vaccinating as soon as feasible in accordance with public health guidelines and protocols in their area. One should always consult with their doctor regarding any personal medical concerns.
California Catholic Conference, Catholic Healthcare Ministries, and Charities Support COVID-19 Vaccinations
• Catholic Moral Teaching and Tradition on COVID-19 Vaccines
• Vatican CDF says use of anti-Covid vaccines “morally acceptable”


Vacúnese para proteger su salud y la de su comunidad

En colaboración con los sistemas de salud católicos y las organizaciones de Caridades Católicas de todo el Estado Dorado, los Obispos Católicos de California instan a todos los californianos a vacunarse para evitar que continúe la propagación de la mortal pandemia de COVID-19, que ha cobrado la vida de más de dos millones de personas en todo el mundo.

Como ha dicho la Congregación para la Doctrina de la Fe del Vaticano, las vacunas ahora disponibles y ofrecidas (Pfizer y Moderna) y las que actualmente están en proceso de aprobación/prueba (AstraZeneca y Johnson & Johnson) son moralmente permisibles y pueden ser utilizadas en buena conciencia.

Más allá de la simple protección de su propia salud y seguridad, los católicos también tienen la obligación de proteger a su familia, sus amigos y su comunidad vacunándose tan pronto como sea posible de acuerdo con las directrices y protocolos de salud pública de su zona. Uno siempre debe consultar con su médico sobre cualquier preocupación médica personal.
La Conferencia Católica de California, la Pastoral Católica de la Salud y Caridades Católicas apoyan las vacunas contra el COVID-19
• La Doctrina Moral Católica y la Tradición en torno a las vacunas contra el COVID-19
• La CDF del Vaticano dice que el uso de las vacunas contra el Covid es “moralmente aceptable”

May the Lord of all goodness deliver us all from the threat of this coronavirus and that He may soon put an end to the suffering of our people! Let us continue to pray for each other and keep our realtionship stronger with God and with one another.

Fr. Riz