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Pastor's Corner

Posted by Fr Riz Carranza on 7/30/20

My Dear Parishioners, I found this article in America Magazine that is worth sharing with you especially in this time of pandemic authored by Blasé J. Cupich on “Politics and Pandemic: How Vatican II can help us navigate a moment of crisis”. Our nation and our Church stand at ... Read More »

Pastor's Corner

Posted by Fr Riz Carranza on 7/23/20

Dear People of God, Many people are wondering when is God going to intervene and put an end to this pandemic, but what I understand is that God with His divine power and absolute authority chooses not to alter the laws of physics but to change and challenge human ... Read More »

Message from Fr. Riz

Posted by Fr Riz Carranza on 7/16/20

My Dear Parishioners, The following is an update of the current situation in our Archdiocese of Los Angeles as well as here in our own parish community. All Parishes in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles have been told to “discontinue indoor Masses and other liturgical services” after new statewide ... Read More »

Pastor's Corner

Posted by Fr Riz Carranza on 7/09/20

My Dear Parishioners, I would like to share with you a letter from our Archbishop Gomez that must be read by everyone especially those who have no access to Angelus, our archdiocesan magazine. I believe his letter is very important for everyone to know the truth about our California ... Read More »

Pastor's Corner

Posted by Laura Diaz on 7/01/20

My Dear Parishioners,

We give thanks to God for His blessings upon us on the occasion of our Country’s Independence Day celebration July 4th. We are grateful for the freedom and liberty that we enjoy in this our country. Saddened by the on-going unrest that is still happening around the ... Read More »