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Rejoicing in Lent

Posted by Fr. Adrian San Juan on 3/20/17

A Blessed Laetare (Rejoice) Sunday!

Today, our official color is rose and we may have flowers to decorate the altar. It’s the midpoint of Lent and we joyfully anticipate remembering and celebrating our salvation in the Paschal Mystery: the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord!

Laetare Sunday’s sentiment ... Read More »

Being and Becoming a Merciful Servant

Posted by Fr. Adrian San Juan on 3/13/17

Dearest Parishioners,

Welcome to the third week of Lent! I pray that all of us are deepening our Lenten tripod spirituality of prayer, fasting (abstinence) and almsgiving. The flourishing of these holy actions is to imitate and act like the Lord Jesus. Being a tripod, they complement and purify ... Read More »

Fasting, Feasting, Sacrifice, Mercy

Posted by Fr. Adrian San Juan on 3/07/17

“Lent”, which means borrowed, aptly reminds us that who we are and what we have (except sin) belongs to God and that someday, like what our smart kindergarteners answered me last Ash Wednesday, we “give back” to God who “will repay everyone according to his works” (Romans 2:6).

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LENT: Giving up to Give More (or better, Give Better)

Posted by Fr. Adrian San Juan on 3/03/17

Welcome to the Holy Season of Lent! We remember, make present how much OUR LORD JESUS EMPTIED HIMSELF, GAVE EVERYTHING (Cf. Philippians 2) for our redemption.

 “Redemption” connotes something precious (yet lost or pawned) that has to be bought and brought back with a great price. That precious one ... Read More »