Go to YM Confirmation   (Registration forms and schedule available through link.)

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It's time to register youth for Confirmation Preparation for the upcoming program year! Parents must attend one of the following Confirmation Orientation and Registration Nights: 

  • Thursday, August 9th  (7-9 pm, Youth Center)
  • Monday, August 20th  (7-9 pm, Youth Center)
  • Wednesday, August 22nd  (7-9 pm, Youth Center)

 Go to the YM Confirmation Website link to download the Registration packet or click on the following items: [Registration packetSponsor Form, Confirmation Name Instructions, Year 1 Schedule and Year 2 Schedule]. Registrations will not be accepted from families until a parent has attended an orientation. Proof of Baptism is required at the time of registration.

All registrations must be completed by Thursday, September 20th


Youth Confirmation

The desire of the baptized to continue to grow and develop as Christians finds expression in Confirmation. When we receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, we renew our baptismal promises and receive in a new way the gift of the Holy Spirit. Anointed at Confirmation, we are further strengthened to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Confirmation: Strengthened by the Spirit, Called to Action.